What Videos will I get to see if I join? Well to start with you will get to watch all my exclusive videos of me. This is a small selection and due to U.K laws I cannot show any explicit content outside my members area. For access to all my videos and pictures you will have to join my site and verify your age at the same time here. I currently have around 138 videos of me. I shoot all the new ones in High Definition (some older ones are not HD) and they stream on your computer just like the T.V Plus I add new videos, pitcures, stories daily and so you will get more videos of me in stockings every week. You can not see my videos anywhere else. My movies, like my pictures are mainly tease, but I have loads of content shot from at home, outside and in sessions with my subs and stocking worshipers. But I really am the queen of tease, you will see some of the sexiest stocking and fetish content online. Which includes femdom, pantyhose, panties, upskirts, cuckolding, punishment, bdsm and much more. Join my site here Plus obviously I also have loads and loads of Pictures, which you can see samples of here
Platform Loubs and stockings
Jeans and Louboutins
In this video I’m in lingeir and stockings with these two pairs of Louboutin patent platform shoes, giving you a worms eye view and allowing you to choose which colour you would prefer to be under.

I take the Loubs out of the box to show you then have a walk around to show you what they look like on. Hopefulyy giving you a worms eye view. A view many men have had in the past.

Sweaty pantyhose and knickers
Spotty tights and Louboutins
I have been wearing these pantyhose all day and it is time to get changed. Would you like a sniff of my pantyhose or knickers? After taking down my pantyhose, I put on these platform boots, that look like a cross between stockings & boots.

I do love these tights, they are very pretty and cute, black with little spots on them and they look fabulous with these black Louboutins dont you think? Watch as I walk up and down showing you my legs and heels.

Showing off my Python Louboutins in stockings
Louboutins and stockings
I am wearing some new Louboutin “Python” shoes that have arrived and I am going to show them off to you. Your head in on the floor and so you can watch my stocking covered legs and feet as I walk around and pose for you

These new Louboutins are Pythons. “So Kate’s” pointed toe and superfine stiletto heel Pythons, in patent black. This HD video is mainly for those who, like me, have a shoe fetish.

Shaving my legs
Bursting balloons in Louboutins
Watch me in the shower shaving my legs ready for a busy day out and about. I do shave a little more than my legs as Like I say I like to be smooth all over all the time, well just in case. This is a movie for those who like legs and feet and also a little bit of tease.

More and more of you seem to enjoy the balloons, though I’m sure the black stockings, garter belt and high heel black Louboutins help. I am playing and mainly bursting balloons in this movie, sitting on balloons and bursting them

Hoovering in lingerie and stockings
Playing & bursting balloons in Louboutins & stockings
I’m doing a quick hoover up and as I’m dressed in some lingerie and stockings with some Louboutin’s I thought I would film it. But there isn’t loads of me hoovering it is mainly me showing you my stockings. The stockings are tanned stockings that go so nicely with this purple
I am having a play with balloons today, squeezing them, standing on them, blowing the balloons up and popping them. Obviously I am wearing black stockings, with a garter belt and high heel Louboutins.
Walking in Louboutins and stockings
Giving myself a pedicure and painting my nails
I have made a collection of videos all with me showing off my new Louboutin shoes as well as stockings. In this video I have on tanned fully fashioned stockings with these ultra hot Louboutins. They are a dark grey colour with little silver gems all over them.
I like to give myself a pedicure and have my feet and nails always looking nice, you never know who will be wanting to suck my toes. some subs and also bulls love to have a ladies toes in their mouth, so they need to be nice and soft.
Getting ready to go out in stockings and Louboutins
Bursting balloons in Louboutin boots and stockings
I love to go out and party and always dress up for going out. I can not understand why some ladies these days don’t like to get dressed up to go out. I love to put on my stockings, suspender belt and Louboutins. Which you can watch me do today.
Watch me dressed in stockings with my boots, bursting and playing with balloons. There is something very sexy and naughty about bursting balloons, but bursting them in these stunning Louboutins adds an extra sexy and naughty dimension to this video
Pink stockings
Removing my thigh high boots and stockings
I usually wear more traditional stockings, brown, black etc. But I like a change sometimes and like some more modern colours and styles. In this movie I am putting on pink stockings. There is a lot of nylon foot play in this movie.
I start in shiny thigh high platform black boots with latex underwear with stockings. I remove my black boots first, then my stockings. I end up just in my latex underwear. Obviously I start to take that off as well
I hate ladders in my stockings
Pantyhose and Louboutins
There is nothing more annoying than getting ladders in expensive stockings. These stockings have got a ladder in them. Keeping my stockings attached to my suspender belt I am going to rip these stockings off.
I am trying on some pantyhose from What Katy Did with these amazing Louboutin shoes. These are very cute pantyhose with a seam at the back with a little boy tie. Though the pantyhose are nice it is the Louboutin shoes that really make this video.
Two balloons
Black cock panty tease
Watch as I blow up two balloons. One big blue balloon and one long pink balloon. Wearing stockings I ride these balloons, dig my nails into balloons and then rub the balloons on my panties.
love to tease. I like nothing more than dressing up in stockings and panties, sometimes in uniforms (like today I am wearing my old school uniform) and rub my panties all over someones face, body and cock. Obviously never letting them touch me.
Stockings, heels, latex underwear and latex dress
Fishnet stockings and Louboutin? shoes
I have a session with a latex and stocking loving sub, so I am getting dressed and ready in this movie taken by myself. As well as putting on my stockings and heels I am putting on a black latex dress over the top of my latex underwear
I am going to put on some trashy fishnet stockings with these very classy Christian Louboutin “So Kate” stiletto heel black patent shoes and show you what they look like together. The contrast between classy and trashy is very sexy on a lady don’t you think?
Christian Louboutin shoes and stockings
Trying on Sissy’s lingerie
I have these lovely Christian Louboutin shoes I am going to show you, that go very nice with these stockings. These Christian Louboutin shoes are called “So Kate” That have a supremely sexy 120mm stiletto heel. In black patent leather
Sissy or cucky maid is a very good sub of mine who I have been seeing for a few years now. A very loyal little sissy indeed. He took me shopping last week to buy some new shoes, lingerie, coat and other things.
Some of the toys I use in domination sessions
Teasing in stockings and latex
In this video I talk about some of the tools I use to dominate and punish men. I’m wearing jodhpurs and boots. It is quite a long video of just me talking and showing you my various tools
I have the latex bra, panties, corset and suspender belt to match. It goes so well with fully fashioned stockings and black boots or indeed shoes.
Getting undressed
Bursting balloons with my bottom
I have started doing more videos on my own. Just putting the camera on and letting it record. This HD movie is just such a film. I get in from a hard day at work and get undressed out of my business suit and black stockings and into some black lingerie.
I am wearing these black fully fashioned stockings, with a corset and black full back panties and I am going to be sitting on balloons until they burst. Watch as i bounce up and down in my panties until the balloons burst.
Trying on shoes in stockings
Hoovering the bedroom in stockings
I love shoes and collect shoes, I love to try my shoes on, often wearing stockings. In this movie, dressed in stockings and a suspender belt I am trying on all sorts of shoes.
I have a very special man and sugar daddy coming around today and I simply must get the bedroom ready. Of course I am wearing a short skirt and stockings, plus a suspender belt and heels. You get to watch my legs as I walk around hoovering
Sky high thigh length boots and stockings outside
Hoovering in thigh high boots
I am outside in black PVC thigh length boots, that have a massive heel on them. Which makes me sky high, I am wearing them with stockings and a short leather skirt.
Some men love to be dominated but others just love to be teased. I love to tease, I am the queen of teasing. Would you like to come and visit me for a stocking teasing session? Would you enjoy watching me bending and hoovering?
Driving in stockings and boots
Rubber nurse playing with balloons
It is a long video so you can have a good long stare of my stocking tops and panties as well. Imagine being on a nice long journey with me dressed like this. Would you be tempted to have your hand on my knee?
I love to rub balloons on my panties and stocking covered legs. In this movie, I am dressed in this very sexy rubber nurse outfit and stockings and I play with various balloons.
Riding a balloon in pantyhose
White panty play
Pantyhose should always be worn with no panties so the pantyhose gusset can rub against your very wet pussy. In this movie I am riding a huge yellow balloon in pantyhose. Watch as I rub my pantyhose covered pussy all over this balloon.
Watch me in this movie taken in my bedroom, where I have on black stockings, a suspender belt and white cotton panties and I really want to tease you. So I masturbate through my very wet white panties, pulling my panties inside my very wet pussy
Skirt gets caught in the hoover
Strap on training
I still like to wear stockings and a short skirt to hoover, today after a party I decide to Hoover up and leave the camera running so you can watch me. The thing is the Hoover keeps sucking up my short skirt and showing my panties
I like to give men and on this occasion women training on how to suck cock properly. Obviously real cocks are best but sometimes a nice big strap on is easier and more convenient and they are always hard, which makes training much easier.
Knee length leather boots
Hoovering the stairs
Would you like to suck on my toes? Here I am in fully fashioned stockings, garter belt and no panties wanting a sex slave to suck on my reinforced stocking covered toes.
The problem with the townhouse is that it has so many floors and so, so many stairs. Three sets of stairs! They take me about 15 minutes to hoover from top to bottom. I have a few gentlemen friends who like to watch me hoover the stairs in heels..
Riding the monkey rocker sex machine
On the train to work
He’s imagining me sucking his dick and getting between my stocking covered legs. Well I cant have that and had to punish the little pervert. Which I do. I give his ass a very good whack with this cane as he is bent over the desk
If you catch the train to work, have you ever seen me. I bet if you have, then I have flashed you my panties or my stocking tops. More than likely I have flashed you both. Here I am on my way to work, see if you can get a glimpse.
Secretary upskirt
The maid cleaning the office
Watch me working away in the office, wearing my business suit, stockings and white panties. Trying to look very bussy and very important. lol. When all I want to do is flash the guys in the office my white panties and stocking tops
If the stills are not enough. Watch the video. LOL. I imagine this is what the night watchmen do at the office. lol. Anyway they are always please to see me come and go
changing my stockings
Maid hoovering
OK this is a stocking site, well its me in stockings to be more accurate. But shoe’s. I just love shoes and love the shoe’s in this video. The stockings are pretty dam sexy too, I might say
When cleaning the house, I wear my normal clothes, but have taken lately to wearing a french maids uniform. It actually makes sense as it keep all my other clothes clean. I actually use to be a chamber maid when I left college for a summer.
Punk chic on the bed
Getting Ready For Work
Watch me at home on the bed after a night out. All hot and wet I need to relieve myself. LOL. Well a girl does get turned on by men looking up her skirt all night. LOL
Watch me getting ready for work. This really is me in the morning getting ready to go to work. Can you imagine me wearing these stockings in your office? ;) well maybe if you need a temp, one day it will be me walking in.
In the shower
Cleaning the kitchen
I dont of course usually shower wearing my stockings. Well I dont when I want to wash. But sometimes a girl goes in the shower for more than a wash. On those occasions I do wear stockings.
watch me cleaning the kitchen floor in this short skirt and stockings. Well a girl has to keep her legs clean somehow ;) If you look carefully you can see my stocking tops, panties and traditional suspender belt.
Cleaning the window
Blowing balloons
Here I am cleaning the bedroom window. Of course wearing stockings and a very short skirt. What else does a girl clean in? LOL Lots of naughty bum and panty close ups in this video :)
Well balloons is the only thing you will catch me blowing on my site so enjoy lol. I do love balloons and have often enjoyed the looner fetish. But a girl just doesnt get time. But I did make a few balloon sets for this site Looners.
Getting ready as a nurse
Ready for bed
Well like I have said before. They cant let me loose on real patients. lol. But I do love the nurses uniform. In this video I am getting ready to go to my shift at the hostpital, with stockings under my uniform of course
Usually just before bed I am lounging around in some long socks. The same thing in the morning. Before I get ready for work I am usually in long socks. In this video you get to see what I look like before I am ready for the world
changing my stockings
In the office
In this video I am changing from one pair of stockings to another. A girl can’t wear the same stockings in the evening if she has been out working all day in them in the office.
If you was the boss and you popped out for lunch. I may be getting up to all sorts when you have gone. When I temp I love small businesses, that leave you alone to do what ever you want. Because what I want is usually naughty.
Putting on stockings
Do you like to suck stocking covered feet
Well a girl has to work, and all good girls wear stockings to work. Watch me in this video getting ready for work. Of course the the first thing I do is put on my stocking
In this movie I let you have a good look at my toes and instruct you to wank at the same time. Do you want to shoot a huge load of sperm to my stocking feet?
Changing the lightbulb
Making the bed
In this short video, you can see me up a lader in a short skirt changing a light bulb. I am wearing blue stockings, black skirt and I think a pair of little white panties. Well I am not sure, but you can take a look for yourself.
Here I am again doing the house work. lol. Well someone has too, my secretary pay doesnt allow me to get a cleaner. But like all good girls. I do the house work in stockings.
Hoovering the stairs in stockings
Traditional blue nurses uniform
In this video you get to see me at home hoovering the stairs. I wear stockings even when doing the house work.
Well the uniform is blue, not the movie I bet you naughty boys were thinking that you was going to finally see inside my panties? lol Not this time you naughty boys
Police Lady putting on stockings
bursting balloons
Watch me in this video getting ready for my shirt at the police station. This is no ordinary police woman of course, but a stocking loving police lady
This is the video to go along with the photo’s of me bursting balloons, wearing stockings and suspenders. This was my last set I did for Looners. But it was fun and so I may do some more looner content.
Changing stockings in the office
putting on my stockings
Well another hard day at the office. Hiding from the boss, flashing my panties and changing my stockings. Anyone want to give me a job?
Well, what did you expect? A girl takes off her old stockings, she has to put on her new ones doesnt she? In this video I do just that and you get to see this cream frilly suspender belt on video too
Changing stockings in the office
Worship my ass and pantyhose crouch
I can be so clumsy and am always dropping things. In this video you get to see me picking it all up. With lots of upskirt shots and panty shots.
I will instruct you though the full length of this pantyhose movie. So get your cock out and prepare to suck my leather boots and lick my pantyhose
Video of me wearing members stockings
Suck my strapon
These stockings were sent in by Gerard, one of my stocking loving fans Where would I be without them. Watch me as I put these sexy full fashioned stockings with a cuban heel that Gerard picked and sent in
Do you like to be made to suck on a strapon? Well get your cock out because I am about to instruct you how to suck this cock and how and when to cum.
Video of Secretary Phone sex
Stocking bondage
What it is about a secretary at work, that men feel the need to phone you up and want phone sex. Is it the fact they know I am wearing stockings and suspenders under my business suit?
I like to dominate and cuckold men, but also like to be dominated by hung studs, being treated as a sex object really does turn me on. Would it turn you on having a sex slave like me kept in a cage?
Ironing in a mandarin dress and stockings
Video with victorian umbrellas
Is this dress too short? I think it is, because you can see my panties, when I bend over and my stocking tops and metal clasps. But I have decided to wear it anyway, while doing the ironing. I hope you like it?
Watch me in this Victorian style dress and umbrellas trying to change my panties and stockings without you dirty boys trying to get a glimpse.
Masturbating in the office in stockings
Cutting the hedge in stockings
watch me masturbate at my desk in this video. I got so hot in the office, that I couldnt control myself
It was a gorgeous day and I had on a gorgeous summer dress with no bra underneath. My elderly male neighbours are always watching out of their windows
Video of an office slave in stockings
Pantyhose and nylon foot play and upskirts
As you might know I love the film the secretary, I love the idea of being a naughty secretary slave. I like being a real secretary of course, but sometimes at work when I am bored I day dream about being tied up when I am at work.
I never wear panties with pantyhose because i like the way the nylon pantyhose rub against my balled pussy. Also I like to flash guys up my skirt and I know that they all prefer pantyhose with no panties.
Feminized kitchen slave gag on my strapon
Naughty nun caught on video in stockings
Then I get him between my stocking covered legs, sucking on my strapon.At the end, after I have had my way with this bitch, I give his ass a quick spanking. Would you like to be one of my feminized sex slaves?
Well nuns can be naughty too. Especially wearing black silky stockings like I am in this video
Secretary at her desk
Would you like to worship my stocking covered legs?
If you like to see me getting a little hot under the collar at work, then check out this video. If you like a casual temp at work, with a skirt ready to rise up and show you her tanned stockings then this is definatly the video for you.
order you (which I do in this movie) to cum all over my feet and heels. If you are really kinky slave I want you to clean all the cum from my feet and heels with your mouth.
Stocking covered feet and then bare feet.
Mopping kitchen floor in seemed stockings
Watch as I roll the stockings down my legs to show you my bare legs and feet. Would you like my feet and suck my toes? Would you lick inside my thighs all the way up in between my legs?
Does your wife allow you to watch her as she mops the floor in stockings? Or do any of the housework? Well you can watch me any time you want.
Blowing Up Balloons in stockings
Masturbating in a cage in stockings
Here I am in my lingerie, including these sexy tanned stockings, with a red seem and Cuban heel and bronze panties and bra blowing up balloons before I get my party dress on.?
Would you like to watch me masturbate for you? Watch me rub my wet pussy while playing with my stocking covered legs and pulling on my suspender belt clips.
Striping in the park
After My Dinner date with a gentleman friend
I dont often do pictures or videos outside, as when ever we have, we always get caught. Allthough I dont do porn, its still embaresing when strangers walk past and all you are wearing is stockings, panties and bra
I had just been out to dinner, with one of my gentleman friends. After an evening of me flashing my stocking tops and panties at him, in this very expensive restaurant we went too, he escorted me back to my apartment.
The blocked Hoover
Getting changed at work for my date
So here I am doing my housework, while wearing stockings of course, pink stockings, white garter belt and a white bra actually and the silly Hoover gets blocked. Luckily I unblock it and can carry on hoovering
Watch me strip out of my secretary clothes and my tanned work stockings and garter belt and get changed into my evening dress, with some sexy party stockings, white stockings with a red seem actually
Look at my feet and panties
Interviewing for slaves
Do you like feet? I know men who love to suck on a girls feet, do you like that? Would you like to suck my feet? What about feet in stockings? Would you like to suck and play with my feet and toes in stockings?
I am very demanding and need a short interview with you first. Of course while at the interview you need to keep yours eyes off my black seemed stockings and black suspender belt, especially as I might not be wearing any panties.
Tied up in a cage dressed as a schoolgirl
Blowing up balloons in stockings
I am all dressed up as a schoolgirl but a schoolgirl who not only has a pair of knee length white socks on, but also has on a pair of tanned stockings which have a black seem running down the back and have a black reinforced toe and heel
I can’t resist requests as you know. So here I am blowing up balloons in my white corset and pink stockings that have a black seem down the back and a black Cuban heel.
Video of my panties
Changing in the kitchen in a mandarin dress
I know you men like to see my panties as well as my stocking tops. Watch as I change these panties in the office and pull them down on my fully fashioned stockings
So I will have to change these tanned coloured stockings and replace them with a nice black pair of stockings. Watch as I pull these stockings up my smooth shaved legs and clip them to my suspender belt with these metal clips.
Lick my boots and stockings
OK, now I want you on your knees licking my boots and black seemed stockings and black garter belt. I want the clips shining clean, I want every thing clean. I’m not wearing panties, so close your eyes. Will you do that?