What pictures will I get to see if I join? My picture sets are huge, from 50 to 500 pictures in a set. There are currently 382 sets of pictures. Again all 100% exclusive to my members. I add new content all the time. All top quality. Here is a thumbnail size picture and a description of some of my pictures and due to U.K laws I cannot show any explicit content outside my members area. For access to all my videos and pictures you will have to join my site and verify your age at the same time here. My pictures are mainly tease, but I have loads of content shot from at home, outside and in sessions with my subs and stocking worshipers. But I really am the queen of tease, you will see some of the sexiest stocking and fetish content online. Which includes femdom, pantyhose, panties, upskirts, cuckolding, punishment, bdsm and much more. Join my site here Plus obviously I also have loads and loads of videos, which you can see samples of here
Pantyhose Worship
My pet worshiping my pantyhose
I am wearing pantyhose with no knickers on, a corset and Christian Louboutin Hot Chick’s. My girlfriend is naked. Worshiping my pantyhose covered arse, my pantyhose covered crouch, my legs and my Hot Chick’s. I have my slave girl on a stainless steel collar and lead.
I am wearing black pantyhose on today with cute little love hearts on them. Plus a pair of black so kate python heels. I have my slave girl with a fur but plug in. Worshiping my legs and heels. Obviously I keep her on a chain, so I can pull her into my legs and crotch. .
The biggest strapon
The Slutty Secretary & The Bitchy Boss
Well this strapon his huge. By far the biggest strap on I have so far. I doubt many men or even women could take it. But I’m wearing some high heel Louboutins and stockings, so if you are not a fan of huge strap on’s there is the vision of me in stockings and heels for you to enjoy. .
I have a new office girl. She is quite the slut. I think she is going to be the new office slut in fact. Though I will have to keep her in line with some punishment. Spanking over my stocking covered legs for example. I am wearing f/f stockings today with these black Louboutins with my suit.
Fishnets and my alien strapon
Strap on with white thigh high platforms & stockings
In this high quality set, I am wearing thigh high PVC platform boots, with these I am wearing stockings, suspender belt and corset. I have a crop ready to hand to make sure that you worship my stockings properly.
So I have some pretty lingerie on today. with white thigh high platforms and stockings. With a black strap on which is perfect for those with a little strap on experience but who are not yet ready for my BIG strap ons. The strap on is called Fiery Fiend Dragon.
Thigh High Platform Boots
Huge horse cock strap on with stockings and boots
In this high quality set, I am wearing thigh high PVC platform boots, with these I am wearing stockings, suspender belt and corset. I have a crop ready to hand to make sure that you worship my stockings properly.
This huge strap on was bought for me from a sub who wanted me to use it on him. It is the longest, though maybe not the fattest strap on I have. He took it well. But today I am wearing it for you with black stockings, suspender belt and black boots. With a corset and black office jacket thrown in.
Fishnet stockings, leg warmers and heels
secretary in stockings and red high heel stilettos
A bit of a throw back to the 80’s with these pictures. With black leg warmers on top of these flesh coloured fishnet stockings, a black leotard and with amazing orange high heel stilettos. All shot outside in the convertable Merc.

Dressed in my office clothes and ready to make the office boy in the office worship my panties and stockings. These heels are 120mm high and look fabulous with these fully fashioned stockings. I am wearing a traditional garter belt with metal clasps. Which when I pull up my tight skirt you can just get a glimpse of.

In the woods in stockings
Loubs and key holding
In the woods in stockings, corset and stockings, I even have a riding crop in case I find any naughty sluts in the woods!. Lots of shots of my boobs as well in these pictures.

I have some key holding pictures here of a new distance slave from Germany, she is in chastity and I wear the keys wherever I go. But that isn't all in these pictures, I am also wearing stockings and wearing anew pair of Louboutin shoes that another lucky slave bought me. These pictures are mainly about the shoes.

Louboutins and knives, lingerie and stockings
Playing rough with my switch bitch girlfriend
We have quite a contrast here today, I have these beautiful So Kate Suede Unicorn Christian Louboutin high heel shoes, with some white lingerie and stockings, but I have a couple of knives tucked into my stockings and also my panties. I do love some knife play especially with girls. It can be very hot.
The morning after a sleepover with my girlfriend and switch bitch lover, dressed in our cute PJ’s and socks, we had a rough play in the bedroom. Dressed in our PJ’s and long white socks, what starts as some spanking, soon leads into some Corporal punishment then, with some sex thrown in to the mix
Muddy riding boots, crop and jodhpurs
White Lingerie outside
Ive just been riding up on the south downs and I have stopped for a little walk and get my boots all muddy, as I had a session with a nice little sub who wanted to lick my muddy riding boots clean. So there I was walking through the squishy mud getting my riding boots nice and dirty. I also bought my trusty riding crop.
Im my white lingerie and stockings in what was the last of the sun this year. But with a slight difference, I am wearing some high heel Dr Martin boots. They are not like the normal Dr Martin boots you see, they have a very high (but chunky) heel and are shiny patent. They lot hot and a bit different with the white lingerie and garter belt.
Out flashing in black underwear in a trench coat
Knife & stockings
This may not be the typical picture when you think of a flasher in a trench coat. But I am, as you know an exhibitionist and I love nothing more than to go out in my trench coat, lingerie and stockings and go flashing. I am wearing fully fashioned dark brown stockings and black knee high leather boots as well.

Being a bit of a hoodlem that I am :-) I am out today on the hunt in the woods with my knives. Obviously whenever a lady goes on the hunt she must wear stockings, a corset and black lingerie. As well as a black full length coat, Im wearing leather knee high leather boots and leather gloves. So something for everyone.

In rubber with my slave girl
Pantyhose, no knickers in public
A fetish here for everyone. Rubber dresses, lezdomme, foot worship, leg worship, high heels and more. But really this is a set if you like legs, my legs and also the legs of my slave girl. Watch as my slave girl worships my long legs and then you can also see my slave girls amazing long legs. Both of us in rubber dresses.

So today Im out in pantyhose, the winter is comming and it is getting colder and so I need to keep warm, but the main reason I am wearing pantyhose is because as you can see I am not wearing knickers and I love the feel of the nylon material rubbing against my pussy as I am walking around in public..

Witch In The Woods
Slutty red riding hood & the witch in the woods
Another outdoor adventure for little red riding hood. Outside in stockings and boots. This time the stockings are white which matches my lingerie and panties. “All the better to eat you up with.” And, saying these words, this wicked wolf fell upon Little Red Riding Hood, and ate her all up

The witch in stockings finds slutty red riding hood in the woods and gives her a flogging. Obviously the witch gets very wet and has to get slutty red riding hood between her black stockinged legs and sniffing her very wet black panties. Slutty red riding hood ends up with a red arse to match her hood.

Witch In The Woods
Urban Interrogation
Dressed in my favourite witches dress, black stockings, black garter belt and black knee length boots, I am taking my virgin slave girl into the woods for a beating with my flogger and then some face sitting. I love teasing, beeting and face sitting, but especially love it outdoors.
I have taken my slave girl to this urban wasteland to interrogate the dirty little slut on what she has been up to. I literally have to beat the truth out of her. Dressed in Thigh High PVS platform boots, black stockings and black suspender belt. I tower over her and give her bottom a well deserved thrashing.
Punishing a nun in the woods
Outside in holdups and leather boots
I am wearing a corsett, stockings, garter belt and platform thigh high black shiny boots. This nun is wearing nothing but her nun habit, which is part of the reason I am punishing her. I start with some flogging, then I beat her with a stick over my knee, followed by a good hard spanking, over my knee of course.

I am really into doing pictures in urban locations, more and more. I love to get completely naked, but usually end up keeping some stockings on and footwear, like these brown leather boots I am wearing today. I was actually out shopping, just in a denim skirt and shirt

Stockings and thigh high boots in the woods
The boss in the office teasing in stockings
All I am wearing today while out in the woods are these platform thigh high boots, with stockings and a suspender belt. Nothing else, I even climb a tree or two in these boots which is no easy task. You get lots of shots of my arse in these pictures as well as lots of stocking tops.
It has been reported to me by the other females in the office that you have been looking up their skirts and down their blouses. Plus making sexual innuendos towards them. So today I am going to tease the hell out of you, bending over in the office over my desk. Flashing you my white panties and stocking tops, flashing my cleavage.
Latex Wonder Woman in Louboutins
Lots of Pictures
No stockings here. But me as the marvel comic hero Wonder Woman, but latex Wonder woman. In black knee high Louboutin boots, watch as this superhero poses outside for a while before taking her knickers off. Certainly the man in the van parked up next to us enjoyed watching us shoot these pictures, so I hope you do.
There are 345 pictures in this set, a few sets within this set, but no set really big enough to make a complete set on its own. So I put them all together. Lots of upskirts, toes, feet and various stockings and lingerie, plus lots of shoes and heels. There are some nice pictures here and something for everyone.
With my new slave girl in platform thigh highs
Slave girl playing with my stocking covered legs
This is my new hot slave girl, who is actually a switch, but subs to me. I guess she is my new hot apprentice? I have taken her out into the woods and stripped her off for some punishment. Me in these black shiny thigh high platform shoes and her with nothing but my collar on. We will be doing some stockings pictures together.
My new slave girl loves me in stockings. She plays with my suspender straps and loves nothing more than being inbetween my legs pleasing me. Today I’m wearing these brown stockings and black Louboutin’s and my slave girl is naked, with her very pale skin against my brown legs and stockings.
Picnic in white
Urban Chick in white Loboutins and leg warmers
I took these pics while out on a picnic with my very good friend. After the picnic we decided to do some pictures, as it was a nice hot sunny day and I was wearing white lingerie, that he had just bought me, stockings and also these beautiful white Louboutin heels that he had kindly bought me.
This set has a nice 80’s feel about it, shot outside in this urban location, on the top story of a city centre car park. I am wearing a Fila tracksuit with shorts, with these white Louboutin high heel stiletto’s and some pink leg warmers.
Relaxing at home
Leather On Leather
Just getting ready, relaxing at home and waiting for my lover to turn up. Obviously putting on my make up after getting dressed in F/F stockings, heels and lingerie. Plus some beads that are sitting nicely upon my breasts.
Lots of leather in these pictures, I am wearing a leather very short skirt a leather jacket and leather thigh high boots, all black, I am outside on a sunny day in my Mercedes convertible that has gray leather seats. So lots of leather all round, though of course I am wearing fully fashioned stockings.
Panty Boots Flash
Little Red Riding Hood
I am wearing this long tartan skirt that looks great with black thigh high leather boots. I’m out in a town centre and going to give you a teaser of what I have been up too. These pictures were all taken in a multi story car park, which is a bit run down and my boots and very wet knickers look a bit slutty there

Little Red Riding Hood put on her fully fashioned stockings, leather knee length boots, white cotton panties and red hood and set out she met with a wolf, who had a very great mind to eat her up but he dared not. So instead Little Red Riding Hood, left her panties for the Big Bad Wolf to sniff.

Relaxing at home
Open Toe Louboutins and stockings
Just a normal day at home relaxing, reading a magazine in black stockings and Louboutins. All alone I still often wear stockings, I love the way they feel and you never know when a handsome gentleman may be calling. So a lady has to be ready at all times don’t you think?

With these fully fashioned stockings I am wearing these strappy black leather Louboutins which were bought for me by a very nice gentleman who also loves shoes and feet. What I love about these shoes is that you can see my reinforced stocking toes and heels to well, so they are a lovely shoe

Stockings in the dungeon
Blue Stockings & Black Knickers
All ready in the dungeon wearing nothing but lingerie and stockings for some very mild tie and tease and forced stocking worship. My most requested and favourite sessions are tie and tease with a little hint of the threat of punishment if the subject doesnt do a good enough job.

I have a pair of black full back panties from What Katie Did with these blue fully fashioned stockings, which are attached to this black corset, also from What Katie Did. There are lots of shots of panty dangling on the ends of my black heels and also on the ends of my stocking covered toes

Biker chick in stockings and Louboutins
Toes & Bare Feet
About to go on the back of a bike, got a leather jacket and helmet and of course a pair of stockings and louboutins. OK so the top half if ready to go on the bike, the bottom not so much, unless as the rider you would like a lady on the back of the bike in stockings wrapped around your waist?

Just my toes in these pictures, no stockings, no shoes, not lingerie, just my toes and feet. A set for the feet and toe lovers and fetishists. Lots of close ups of my painted toes and feet, including my bare ankles, soles and heels. I have painted my toes in burgundy nail varnish to match my finger nails.

Teasing with the Kali’s teeth
Cat Woman in latex and Louboutins
I’m not just teasing with my stockings and dangling my Louboutin’s from the end of my feet. I have also bought in a Kali’s teeth to torment you with. So I will put it on you and then tease and torment you mercilessly to get you hard and so the teeth dig into you causing you much discomfort,

A bit of a mixture of some fancy dress and some latex and Louboutins, with a little bit of femdomme thrown in for good measure. There is not a lot of skin in these pictures, all you can really see is my hands and my feet and toes through these Louboutins. But you can see my shapely curves through this latex cat suit

Blue Louboutins & stockings
Latex Lingerie Louboutins & stockings
These blue heels look great with stockings as well, as you can see in these pictures. The WhatKatieDid lingerie I am wearing although mainly white has, some red paterns in, that again goes so well with the red in the Louboutin heels.

This latex Lingerie set was bought for me by a very special slave. This is the latex, stockings and heels I wore for the session, then afterwards he took these pictures of me for my site. I love this set of pictures and love the fully fashioned stockings and Louboutin’s I am wearing. Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as we did.

Mopping the floor in stockings
409 new selfies and phone pics
Would you like me to come around and do your cleaning? I bet you would, you naughty boy if I was wearing these black fully fashioned stockings, these high heel shoes and wearing a short mandarin dress as short as this? I love these little pink shoes

More selfies and phone pics, if you follow me on twitter then you would have seen lots of them. But even if you have seen lots of them, there are still loads I haven’t uploaded to twitter. A real mised bag, showing me in my real life, sometimes playing or posing or being silly in front of the camera.

Loads more selfies
Stocking worship in stockings and Louboutins
There are 550 pictures here, yes 550, all taken from my phone. Obviously if you follow me on twitter you have most likely seen many of them. But if you don’t follow me you haven’t, or you might not have seen them all.
Obviously the sub in this session wanted the pictures taken. these are the pictures left over after I removed any pictures with his face in them. This is just a small part of what can go on in a session. There are loads of pictures of stockings and these platform Louboutins here. Plus all sorts of kinky but pretty mild fun going on.
Cum on my stockings
Panty teasing my new house boy
Wearing a summer dress, brown stockings, suspender belt and heels, I have decided to let one very lucky stocking lover cum over my stocking covered legs.
I love pleasuring myself and at the same time teasing a man who can’t cum. That is why I love getting my new black houseboy naked and riding him, dressed up in my old school uniform, panties and stockings.
More selfies and pics of in various outfits
New suite
More selfies, where I am in various states of undress. Some with nylons, some not. Some cat suites, some rubber, a few on the train, plenty of me pouting! Feet and upskirts. Loads of panties and plenty for everyone.
I just bought a new suite, thinking about wearing it into the office, what do you think? Of course with a pair of stockings and a suspender belt, heels and an ankle bracelet.
Nurse blowing up big balloons
Red balloon and corset
This balloon is huge. watch as I blow up this huge balloon. You can see my cheeks fill with air as I blow hard into this big blue balloon. It is almost like I’m giving a blowjob in some ways, my cheeks filled and puffing.
In these exclusive stockings pictures I focus very much just on the stockings and balloon and this lovely corset that a submissive male slave gentleman friend of mine bought for me. Of course he also supplied these lovely panties and black fully fashioned stockings.
Pink & Frilly
Stocking covered feet
Well over 300 selfies and pictures taken on my phone, most posted on twitter. Some not, even a mega short video of me running on the cross trainer. Just some pics of the real me.
Watch as I massage my stocking covered toes and heel and watch as I also put my stocking covered toes into my mouth to suck on them. Now would you like to give my stocking covered toes a foot massage or maybe even suck my stocking covered toes? Would you do a good job?
Silver shoes
Topless in stockings and heels
These beautiful silver shoes were bought for me by a very nice gentleman friend of mine. We bought them at Harrods, I love them. I think they look great with fully fashioned stockings and not much else.
As you know I don’t normally get to much out, I like to tease rather than show it all. But today you are in for a special treat. Not only do I take my panties off to show you my ass and shaved pussy as I bend over, I also take my bra off so you get a glimpse of my breasts.
Black stud makes me cum
Black stocking worshiper
I love using my hung black stud to make me cum. I dress up in stockings and heels and lingerie and get his big black cock all hard and then let him rub himself all over me.
I love men of all races to worship my stockings, licking, caressing, fondling my black stockings. Rubbing my stocking covered feet and massaging my feet and toes. But it doesn’t hurt at all when the man playing with your stockings is some naked black muscly young eye candy does it?
Queen of spades
Catsuit and heels
You can see I am wearing the queen of spades ankle bracelet, Im not sure if you know, but queen of spades jewelry, like ankle bracelets, queen of spades temporary and permanent tattoos are a sign to black men that you like black cock.
In these pictures where I have a cat suite that a sub bought me and a pair of spiky heels that a friend on twitter bought me. There is no nudity here, something for those that like something a bit different and especially something for those that like heels.
Jodhpurs and boots
The birthday surprise
A very loyal slave of mine bought me over new Jodhpurs, riding boots, gloves & a new riding crop. So I decided to test them out on him. I am certainly going to do some more outdoors shoots dressed like this
I like to treat good loyal subs to a special party when it is their birthday. We get them all dressed up and have cake, and party food and champagne.
Getting ready
Girlfriend takes some pics
These pictures were taken on a camera phone, so the quality isn’t quite as good as they should be, but I thought you would like them anyway, as it shows me at home in my bedroom.
I had my girlfriend over and we was getting ready for a day shopping, obviously both of us in VERY short dresses and heels and with lots of flashing of our knickers and legs to any unsuspecting victims, especially men out with their wives.
The rubber mistress
Selfies and camera phones
More and more these days I enjoy wearing rubber, sometimes with stockings, but sometimes, like in these pictures, when I have tanned legs I like no stockings, especially when I am in the mood for some panty teasing.
These keep being popular and so I keep adding them. More selfies that I take, usually to send them to my various friends, or often more likely I just tweet them. Some are of me in various states of dress, lots of my various shoes.
Rubber army uniform
Panty play in boots
Something a bit different today, this doesn’t really go with stockings, so I left them out, anyway, my bare legs look good in this rubber army uniform. I have combined this rubber army uniform with these very shiny patent Dr Martin boots
These pictures were taken as well as the movie with the same theme. Me in stockings, thigh high platform black shiny PVC boots, a corset and white panties
Marks stockings
Thigh Highs and balloons
Mark is a huge fan of mine, so he should be and he bought me these stockings. So I did a few snaps with them before a stocking worship session I was doing. Hope you enjoy them.
I’m dressed a bitch bitchy in these pictures, with thigh high boots and stockings (the stockings from Mark, thank you Mark) Deep red lipstick and then black nail polished nails.
Egypt drunk and flashing my black panties
Marks blue stockings
I know you like stockings, but I wanted to share these pictures with you. Even though I am not in stockings. You do get to see my legs and of course panties. Bare in mind if I would have got caught flashing my panties I would have been arrested!
Something a bit different today, a set of pictures for Mark who sent me these stockings, mark is so impatient he couldn’t wait for some decent pictures, so I did these pictures on my phone
Outside in stockings
Just lounging around
I have taken a regular and loyal sub out to this nature reserve and got him to take a few pictures of me pulling up my skirt to show my stocking tops and panties.
I have given you two updates today. Two smaller than usual updates, but two different updates all the same. The first set, was taken by a stocking worshiper at a session with me. I’m lounging around in black stockings and lingerie.
Fishnet pantyhose and ankle boots
Cream lingerie
As you know I usually wear stockings but I know a lot of men also like pantyhose and other hosiery. So I am varying my site a little, don’t worry I will still have plenty of stockings content, but also I’ll be adding more like this. Me in every day wear.
I love to combine modern lingerie with more traditional lingerie, especially if I’m on a date or going out with friends, so even though I prefer stockings and garter belts I also like wearing hold ups with lingerie, like today I have some cream lingerie on with these white hold ups.
My pantyhose have got all wet
Panties and stockings
Watch me in these thick woolen pantyhose, and a little pair of sexy ankle boots. I have had these pantyhose on all day and its been a long day shopping. So my crouch was getting sweaty. But knowing I have such a short skirt on and knowing loads of men were staring at me was making me really wet.
These black stocking were bought for me by a gentleman friend, who loves me in panties and boots, these panties are from Agent Provocateur and are really cute and small. These black satin panties just about cover my wet pussy up and so they are perfect for teasing, men
My black friend loves to worship
The new dungeon
This is a new friend of mine, that is a member of my site and that loves to suck a women in pantyhose or stockings. I did a few picture sets of me and him together. These first pictures I am wearing fishnet pantyhose and no panties.
I now have a new dungeon where I may entertain submissive men and men who love to worship women in stockings. This is a quick tour around so you can see what equipment I have.
Black sex slave loves to lick
Nurse in fishnet pantyhose
This young hung and very hot black sex slave loves to please me. He loves to worship my stocking covered legs and my leather high heel knee length boots. Watch him boot my boots in his mouth and suck my toes and heels.
Before I get naked I of course tease you in these fishnet pantyhose, you can see my ass and pussy through these pantyhose as I am not wearing any panties.
Black Satin slip, stockings
Caged in her leopard boots
I think the combination of a slip and stockings is very hot and very sexy for teasing a man in. Would you like to be teased in my dungeon? Imagine maybe being tied up so you couldn’t touch me and then me tease you by flashing you my stocking tops and satin slips? Would that turn you on?
These leopard print boots are some I really like. They even have a little fury feel to them. Watch me in the dungeon caged like a wild animal. Of course in fully fashioned stockings.
Trousers and pantyhose
Rubbing myself through my panties
Something a bit different for you and some quite explicit pictures. No skirt here today. Can you believe I am wearing trousers? Yes trousers but of course with heels and what is a bit different is that I am not wearing any panties underneath my trousers but I am wearing pantyhose.
I had just been to a stocking worshiping session at my dungeon for a stocking worshiper who wanted a mixture of traditional fully fashioned stockings and also fishnet stockings. I had this stocking worshiper sucking my toes and feet and licking my fishnet stocking covered legs.
Watching doggers in the car
Bath in stockings and sunglasses
I have always wanted to go dogging and see what that was all about. The idea of strangers watching me has always excited me and turned me on. But I wouldn’t want to join in with a bunch of strangers. But I have always been curious to watch.
I like to mix things up a bit and try and do somethings a bit different in my stockings photos. Today is one of those times where I am doing something a bit different. I am wearing fully fashioned stockings, white panties and some sun glasses and I am in the bath.
Caged schoolgirl in panty play
Rubber nurse
Do you like looking at panties? I know you do, you dirty pervert. I bet you are always trying to look up my skirt. Men always are. They love it when I am wearing white cotton panties. Even if they only get a passing glimpse.
I am dressed in this rubber nurses outfit and tanned stockings and a pair of high heels. So I can milk this patient in the sex treatment area. The area in the dungeon where I do tests on men
White panty play
Stockings playing with balloons
I love to flash my panties at men, outdoors or inside or even on public transport. But sometimes when I am alone with a gentleman friend, whether that be a rich sugar daddy or indeed a submissive slave in my dungeon.
I was just getting ready for a man friend of mine when I did these pictures. He likes to play with a lady (a posh lady like me) in stockings and watch me play with balloons.
Riding balloon in pantyhose
Rubber nurse and the machine
In these pictures I am going to ride this big yellow balloon very hard, I have no panties on, just pantyhose. I love the feel of the pantyhose gusset rubbing against my very wet pussy and also the balloon creating friction
Here I am in the clinic wearing my rubber (splash proof) nurses uniform and stockings. I have to test out our machines before I bring the ladies in to get serviced by the machines.
Peasant girl putting on her stockings
Taking off my stockings
Watch me dressed as a peasant girl putting on my stockings. I am wearing a wenches uniform and black suspender belt and a little pair of see through white panties. So don’t look to closely you naughty boy. In case you see to much!
I am wearing a pair of see through black panties, a black corset and a black suspender belt and fully fashioned tanned stockings with cuban heel. Watch me strip off my stockings in front of the mirror and and play with them as well as feel there silky texture in my mouth.
Changing my panties using balloons
loose summer dress and stockings
I’m wearing black French knickers and a black bra and black garter belt, when after playing with balloons my French Knickers get all hot and wet. So I need to change them, using just balloons to stop you seeing to much.
I really need to cut the hedge down a bit. It is stopping the neighbours watching me sunbathing in the garden. But I have no tools obviously, so I use a pair of scissors, which takes me ages and so gives me plenty of time to bend over and flash my stockings and garter belt.
Secretary masturbates on the filing cabinets
Schoolgirl in bondage
In these pictures I get way to carried away and without wearing any panties, just some fully fashioned stockings, a 12 strap garter belt and a pencil skirt, that I pull up, you see way to much.
I have been dressed up as a schoolgirl, with a white shirt and school tie and a black skirt and of course white panties. Plus a little twist for you, because although I know you like stockings, I think the schoolgirl uniform isn’t as sexy with some white knee length white socks. So what about both?
Girls night in
Bondage tape
This set is taken with my new girl friend Shiva Shaw. Who is just about to launch her own site Shiva Shaw. This busty half Indian girl loves stockings like me, and has been blessed with naturally large breasts
While wearing a black corset I am covered in bondage tape and made to remove my panties, while trying to cover myself from being to exposed. I end up wearing nothing but tape, stockings and a garter belt and made to pose so you can see far more than you should
Taking off my stockings
Playing with balloons
I love these dark grey stockings, fully fashioned, with a cuban heel, so when I take them off I am extra carefull not to snag the silky material.
Another set of me with balloons, this new looner fetish is really catching on with me. It is the bursting of them that gets me excited. Watch me pose and stand on balloons wearing tanned stockings with a black seem and a black top, white garter belt and black panties.
Playing with my stocking feet
Whats is inside my summer dress
Would you like to play with my feet? I love having my feet being played with, especially when I am wearing stockings. I usually find that if a gentleman likes stockings and legs he also likes feet in stocking. Do you like to massage a ladies feet, rubbing her toes and heels?
Although I love wearing short skirts, I also love summer dresses, sitting around with the straps falling down so gentlemen can see the top of my boobs and sometimes a little more. But I love wearing stockings at the same time, often with no panties to keep me cool.
My black stocking toes and heels
Taking off my panties
Do you like my feet? I bet you do. Do you prefer feet covered in stockings or bare feet? Would you like to suck my feet through my stockings? When you have reinforced toes o, it makes the stockings so much thicker and so it ends up feeling like loads of silky cloth in your mouth.
Here I am in this very naughty set, wearing a short jean skirt, brown boots and tanned stockings and a black suspender belt. First I flash my little white panties at you and then I slowley drop my panties and give you a quick upskirt flash, of course my stockings stay on.
Air hostess plays with herself
Phone sex
AI loved being an air hostess,But we spent all the time flashing our panties and stocking tops at passengers and the pilots. I always use to get really turned on and wet and would often go in the toilet to relieve myself. Pulling up my skirt over my stocking tops, pushing my hands down my panties and grining myself to orgasm.
Why is it when guys call you up at work, they always want to know what you are wearing. Just because you are bored at work guys, it doesnt meen I am doing nothing. I havn’t got time to sit around having phone sex all day! Well sometimes I have
6 strap stockings and gloves
Slutty posh bitch blowing up balloons
This is a 12 strap suspender belt (six starps on each leg) that I am weating that is a real turn on for me with all these extra metal clasps. See me in gloves and silver leather boots playing with myself as I get turned on by feeling the many clasps and my fully fashioned stockings.
Slutty posh bitch blowing up balloons. I am wearing is my little black dress, stockings and a garter belt,but no panties. As I blow up these silver and gold balloons, you get some upskirts at the same time.
Posing in the garden topless
Pencil skirt putting on stockings
I know you like stockings and panties, but I bet you would love to see my breasts wouldn’t you? Well all I have underneath this long camel coat is a bronze coloured suspender belt and a pair of tanned coloured fully fashioned stockings. It is a nice sunny day, so I decided to go out wearing nothing but stockings and a suspender belt
I was late for work again and today I forgot to put on my panties and stockings. Well good job I had a pair of stockings in my desk. But panties I will have to go out at lunch time to buy a pair.
Blowing up balloons in a cage
Mistress with my favourite flogger
Would you like a slave in a cage in stockings made to blow up balloons all day? Well you don’t even have to be a looner or have a balloon fetish, you could just was a slave in a cage in stockings for you to watch for your own amusement.
Right. I want all you naughty boys on all fours. While I, wearing black seemed stockings, black garter belt, white shirt and a black corsett. Whant to know why I want you on all fours? Well its because I want someone to lick my stockings and shoes clean!
Putting on my stockings wearing a corset
Spanking in stockings
I sometimes go out for the evening in my boned corset and always I wear stockings and suspenders. Watch me getting ready for a night out. All there is left to do is put my fully fashioned seemed stockings on.
Watch me and Indian Busty chick Shiva from Shiva shaw, all dressed up in stockings as she spanks my bottom. I love having my bottom spanked when I have been naughty and always do it in stockings
The Blocked Up Hoover
Phone Snaps
I was trying to do the house work again, of course wearing some cream stockings with a black seem and black top and black cuban heel, when my faithfull hoover stopped sucking. Lets face it a hoover isnt much use if it doesnt suck.
These pictures were taken by one of my lovers on his phone. It isn’t really a set of pictures in terms of quality that I would usually show you and isn’t really a selfie, it is something in between.
Watch me suck my stocking feet
Secretary in pantyhose upskirts
But what I love the most about these stockings is the red reinforced toe and heel, I love the toes so much that I give them a good suck. I love having my toes sucked, especially when I am wearing stockings. The taste of the nylon stockings in your mouth is a real turn on
On the very odd occasion that I wear pantyhose I never ever wear panties with them. I think if you are flashing a guy in pantyhose you should never wear panties, just so they get a really interesting up-skirt shot.
Bursting balloons in leather boots
Party girl turns into office girl
These zip up leather boots are great for busrting balloons with. See me stamp hard on these balloons, wearing nothing but leather boots, stockings and a little pair of French see through knickers.
Sometimes Im out all night, partying, or I stay at friends. For those occasionas I have a spare set of clothes and stockings at work. In these pictures Im changing from my snazzy white and red stockings with little hearts, into my work stockings and suit.
Wench tied up in fully fashioned stockings and a garter belt
Wench blowing up balloons
My stocking loving master has tied me up, I am his little wench has been naughty, I have been flirting again with anyone I meet, flashing them my stockings and panties. He keeps telling me to stop, but I can’t I love flashing men my stockings and panties so much that i am willing to be punished.
Watch me blow up balloons on my bed wearing my wenches uniform. Plus these little see through panties. I am wearing fully fashioned tanned nylon stockings and a black garter belt.
Bursting balloons on pantyhose
Changing my panties
Well I have quite a few niches in one here, we have pantyhose, see through of course with no panties on. We have a pair of black hold up stockings, some high heel shoes and some balloons. Well how many fetishes of mine can you get in one shoot?
Another pair of panties to wet to carry on wearing. So I have to change them. ;) You naughty boys get to see me changing my panties and get a good look at my stockings. Who knows what you might see
Playing with balloons in french knickers
Playing with my white cotton panties
Here I am writhing around on my bed wearing 1940’s underwear including French knickers, suspenders and bullet bra, while playing with balloons and so you get a flash of my stocking tops and through my see through knickers
I get very turned on flashing my panties and love to masturbate in panties and stockings. In these pictures I have on a very short skirt and give you a nice flash of my panties before I play with myself. Rubbing my white cotton panties against my very wet pussy
Sitting in the office on balloons
Ironing in my Mandarin dress and stockings
Watch me bored in the office wearing long black gloves, fully fashioned stockings and leather knee length boots. Bouncing balloons around until the boss gets back. One day I really must do some work. But they never seem to mind as long as I am always bending over in front of them showing my stockings.
I love dressing up when i am doing the most boring of jobs, like today where I have decided to do the ironing and of course have dressed up, like usual, but today in this short Mandarin dress. You can just see up my skirt because my dress is so short.
Tied up wearing 12 strap stockings and gloves
Schoolgirl caged in stockings and socks
I just love being tied up and these 12 strap stockings look really cute against the rope, that is restraining me. I also have my hands and arms in gloves that are tied together as well as my silver leather boots.
What do you think about having a little sex slave dressed up in a school uniform in fully fashioned seemed stockings and white knee length socks? I think it is a bit different, don’t you? Do you think the knee length white socks go with stockings?
Playing in my French knickers
Changing my panties
Wearing sexy fully fashioned seamed stockings and sexy lingerie, like French knickers really turns me on. Sometimes I have to put my hands down my panties to relieve the tension. Here I am at home playing in my stockings and French knickers, before I pull down my knickers and finish myself off.
I had lunch today with a gentleman friend. Of course it was cold and I was wearing my big fur coat. But underneath I had a bullet bra, black garter belt and black fully fashioned seemed stockings. This gentleman friend kept talking naughty to me.
Blowing up balloons on pantyhose
Changing my knickers
Well how many fetishes can you get in one photo session? Well I have a few in this one, to start with I am wearing a pair of pantyhose, but I’m not wearing any panties with these pantyhose, which is a bit naughty as you can see through my pantyhose
WWatch me Changing my knickers from 1940’s style sheer French knickers into these cute bikini style knickers with satin tummy panel and power mesh sides and back. belt made from satin with power mesh panels at front and back that I hope it looks as good as it feels and my fully fashioned stockings and bullet bra.
Secretary in short skirt and boots
In the shower
I love wearing short skirts and boots to work. It drives the men on the train to work wiled and also the men in the office. But today I am being extra naughty in these up-skirt pictures. Because all I have on under this short grey skirt is a suspender belt and stockings and no panties. So no looking!
These are quite explicit pictures for me, so make the most of them. You get to see my breasts as well through this wet shirt. When I am having a shower. But no staring it’s rude!
Flashing myself in the garden
Slutty bitch in cholcolate stockings
The flat I live in has a communal garden. So today as it was sunny I decided to go out in the garden and do some flashing of my stockings and a little bit more. But as I started to flash myself in front of the camera, after about 10 minutes I realised there was two men on the roof
Watch me dressed up as a slutty bitch with a black suspender belt, and chocolate coloured stockings a long evening dress and a small fur shoulder jacket at home after an unusually good night out with a gentlemen friend of mine.
Changing my panties in a corset
pantyhose12 strap suspender belt
After wearing these panties all day, I need to take them off and change them. But wearing nothing but a black corset, a black garter belt and tanned nylons I find it hard to be descreet. So I will have to improvise using these feathery fans. Make so you don’t stare!
How about a mixture of pantyhose and stockings, with my 12 strap suspender belt? OK then. But let me first strip out of all my clothes. I am in the office wearing a really short pleated skirt. Although the skirt is very short and you can get some great up skirt shots of my pantyhose and stockings
Mistress in stockings
Forced to perform a show
This set is taken with my new girl friend Shiva Shaw. Who has her own site Shiva Shaw. This busty half Indian girl loves stockings, like me and has been blessed with naturally large breasts, 36G if I’m exact, which is quite unusual for Indian girls.
My master has decided he wants to watch me put on a sex show for him. He keeps me as his stockings wearing slut in this cage. I am wearing a six strap garter belt and black stockings, my master likes to watch me rub my nylon stocking covered legs as I play with myself.
Posing in stockings and fur
Dropping my panties in the garden
I love to put on a fur coat over my stockings. Fur feels so sexy on the skin but in a different way than stockings do. The contrast is very sexy and I get really turned on while wearing fur and stockings together. So if you see me out in a fur coat and stockings you know I will be wet
Would you like to watch me take down my panties? Watch me in the garden taking down my panties for you. But first I have to take down my stockings. Unclipping the metal clasps of my suspender belt. My nylons are rolling down my leg and are all wrinkly and loose on my legs.
Changing my panties on the train
Rich bitch tied up in stockings
Trains for me, are realy erotic. I get so turned up wearing a short skirt and letting men look up it. I know they do too. I make sure they dont know I am doing it on purpose. But I know that sometimes, they know Im doing it so they can look. True story: I once had one man thank me, he said it was his 50th birthday and it was the best present he had
Well I am a spoilt bitch apparantly and have been out shopping far to much. Well I have been told enough is enough and I have been tied up and so I cant go out shopping. Though I am sure thats just an excuse to have me tied up in stockinhs, garter belt and no panties,
Riding balloons in my six strap suspender belt
Lick my feet bitch
I love the feel of balloons on my stockings and on my private parts, I get really turned on. In these pictures I am riding these gold and silver balloons wearing nothing but my stockings and suspenders and a pair of silver leather boots. I get all sticky and so do the balloons lol
Can you imagine what it would be like to on the floor licking your mistresses feet and toes and heels and high heel pointy shoes? Well now you can as I stand above you wearing black stockings, black suspender belt, black panties and a white shirt. I even force my dirty stiletto heel in your mouth.
Playing in feathers and fur
Secretary posing with balloons
What a strange combination of textures. I have the silky feel of my fully fashioned nylons, this fur coat, a feather boa and the metal clasps of my suspender belt. I get so hot with all these different textures that I have to relieve myself with my fingers.
Well even secretaries like to play in the office. See me at my desk playing with balloons, wearing cream see through French knickers, bullet bra, fully fashioned stockings with a cuban heel. You even get to see me push my high heel into the balloons.
Forced to play with myself
Playing with feet
I have been naughty again. Spending far to much on sexy lingerie and shoes. LOL So I have been restrained. Also made to play with myself to amuse my master
Watch me wearing this cream lingerie, tanned stockings with a black cuban heel and black seem, playing with my feet. I love my stockings so much that I even suck my feet while wearing my stockings. The black heel and black toe on my stockings looks and feels very sexy.
kicking and playing with balloons in stockings and fur
Putting on my leather boots
Watch me playing with these balloons while wearing fully fashioned black seemed stockings, with cuban heel and a black garter belt. Cream French knickers and coat
Watch me get ready for a day out shopping. But first I have to put on my knee length leather lace up boots over the top of my fully fashioned stockings.
My Old School Uniform
secretary in pantyhose and panties
Well I am glad I kept my old school uniform now. I knew it would come in handy one day. lol. Take a look at what I use to go to school in. No wonder I turned out like I did. I didnt get a chance to study lol. Wearing socks in these photo’s but I also have pictures of me in my uniform wearing stockings.
Hake a look at me in the office in these pantyhose flashing my panties in these up skirt pictures. You can see these white panties as I sit at my desk and open my legs to give you a really naughty up skirt shot. If you like me wearing pantyhose I will wear them more often.
Air Hostess Uniform
Tied up in black seem stockings
As you may know I use to be an Air Hostess for a very well known air line a few years ago and always wore stockings under the unform, that uniform like this was red. Here I am wearing fully fashioned tanned stockings with a cuban heel and a pair of stiletto’s, then I mainly wore black or tanned stockings.
I love the feel of silky stockings on my legs. But I also like the feeling of rope. Being tied up wearing nothing but stockings and lingerie is a real turn on for me. The stockings in these pictures are a favourite style of mine. Tanned with black tops and a black seem and a black cuban heel. Yummy
Blowing up balloons
Putting on stockings
Me and Shiva are having a party and so are stitting aroung, as you do, in stockings getting ready and blowing up the party balloons. I loved doing these pictures and we really teased the camera man after we blew the balloons up, rubbing ourselves with them and licking them.
I wanted to show you how you put on fully fashioned stockings wearing a twelve strap garter belt. It takes ages doing up each and every metal clasp to the stocking tops. I have made sure you can see every detail, by not wearing panties so they don’t get in the way
Taking off my boots and stockings
Black Stockings & Corset
After a long day shopping in the city in my high heel boots and stockings, my feet and legs are killing me. I like nothing better than to get home and take off my knee length boots and stockings. The feeling as I undo the laces and pull off my boots and then role down my silky stockings is fantastic and a little sexy.
Trains for me, are realy erotic. I get so turned up wearing a short skirt and letting men look up it. I know they do too. I make sure they dont know I am doing it on purpose. But I know that sometimes, they know Im doing it so they can look. True story: I once had one man thank me, he said it was his 50th birthday and it was the best present he had
Summer Stockings
Taking Off My Stockings At work
I just love tartan skirts. I love it when they come back into fashion. They look great long or short and look good with bare legs or stockings. I can dress like a real slut with a tarten skirt and stockings. Check out these black seemed stockings. You nearly get to see my boobies in these very risky pictures
These stockings were sent in by Gerard. Thanks Gerard, hope you enjoy the pictures. I have also done a video and will post that soon! If anyone else wants to send me stockings to wear.Please send them in.
Comming down the stairs
In the Stables
You can get a good look up a ladies skirt when she is comming up and down the stairs. Obviously just for research purposes, to see if they are wearing stockings on not. Not because you are wanting to perve. Well Im wearing stockings as usual and a little pair of pink panties.
All nice girls ride horses. I am no exception. To be honest I never ride wearing stockings. But I am always down in the stables in stockings looking for the fit stable boys ;)
Nurse puts on stockings
Police Officer hostage
THave you wondered what is under those sexy nurses uniforms. Well as someone who has nurses as friends, it isnt usually pantyhose, but stockings. Nurses are sexy ladies to you know. ;) Watch me getting ready for another shift at the hostpital. Obviously not a real hostpital.
I love being restrained and if I was a police woman Im sure I would find myself in a hostage situation. tied up, with my skirt pulled up, legs open and stockings showing
Secretary playing in the office
White panties and pink socks
Everyone knows, the office isnt a place to masturbate. But sometimes, when you have been flashing your stockings and panties all day and you are really hot and wet, you need to relieve yourself. I usually go into the toilet, but sometimes I just sit at my desk, because it doesnt take me long to cum, so I can risk it.
See if you can get a glimpse of my naughty area in these pictures. Watch me strip off my white panties and see if I am descreet enough. lol. I should be I have plenty of practice. I often take my panties off on a train or in public. When they are sweaty and in need of a change. But no one has got a glimpse yet. Well I dont think so. lol
The Bitch
Women Police Officer
All nice girls have to have a nasty side and I can be a right bitch sometimes. So you better not miss behave! Can you imagine me ordering you about in this? If the stockings dont make you do as you are told, I am sure the whip will.
I know for a fact that all women police officers wear stockings and suspenders and not pantyhose. Well thats what all the male officers I have met tell me.
My white thong
Watch me up a ladder
About once a month. I wear jeans. I am not a lover of jeans, because as you know I am a traditional gal. ;) But sometimes jeans are called for. The one thing I do insist on though, while wearing jeans is that you can see my thong poking over the top. A girl has to keep the men interested somehow ;)
Well, who do you think changes the light bulbs round here. lol. Actually these pictures were the first ones with a new camera man. After these pictures we really start to see an improvment in the picture quality. Plus lucky old me doesnt even have to pay him. I love guys with a stocking fetish, they are like putty in my hands.
Nun flashing stocking tops
Changing my panties
A naughty nun? Has to be one of the greatest fetishes, naughty nuns have been shown for years. Usually in black stockings. Here you get to see me in my Nun’s uniform, black stockings, white panties all on show :)
Another pair of panties to wet to carry on wearing. So I have to change them. ;) You naughty boys get to see me changing my panties and get a good look at my stockings. Who knows what you might see
Striping Into Washing Machine
Maid hoovering
Watch me strip down after a hard day at the office and throw my clothes into the washine machine. Im wearing tanned stockings here, with a white suspender belt and pink panties, that I might add I have been wearing all day, so may be a bit sweaty.
Watch me in this sexy Maid uniform hoovering. Being dressed as a made is probably my favourite fetish. I guess being dressed as a secretary would be if I wasnt a real secretary. lol. But I get to wear a sexy suit to work in the day, with stockings of course and get to clean in this French maids uniform. In stockings of course.
Changing my stockings in my school uniform
Putting on my make up
OK, even school girls have to change their stockings, you wouldnt want them to look dirty would you? Well I guess you would. But dirty in a different way ;). Here I am in my old uniform changing my stockings in to socks. Beware, little white panties might be on show
Here I am in my bedroom getting ready for a night out. Wearing nothing but my black corset, black suspender belt, black panties and pink stockings. Of course before I leave the house I will put on some more clothes, well maybe a skirt at least
Maid Cleaning The Office
Maid Making The Bed
Pictures of me cleaning the office when every one else has gone home. Well I cant wear my suit while cleaning can I, so I have to wear this little number. Im sure security guards wouldnt mind. lol. They even get to see a flash of my pink panties.
Well someone has to do it. So it might as well be me. I have to keep the place kleen, because as you know a secretary job doesnt stretch to being able to afford a cleaner. Here I am in my French maids uniform making the bed in these pictures.
Striping after work
Submissive Secretary
Well I have been at work all day. Did you think I would be wearing the same clothes when I got in? LOL. A girl has to unwind. Watch me after a day at work strip out of my clothes and black stockings.
I just love the film “The Secretary” What a sexy film that is. I love to be a submisive secretary in the office. In these pictures I am having to tidy up the desk while in constraints.
red rose petals
Black Stockings & Corset
A girl loves to be sent flowers. Men, remember to send flowers all the time! My favourites are red roses. Dozens of them, not just one or two. ;) In this set of pictures I have a very nice pair of seemed stockings on. Black but with a little silver seem.
I love a white shirt under my corset. I often wear a corset out shopping or in the evening. But not to work of course. lol. Here I am in these pictures posing in this black corset, white shirt and black stockings.
Summer Stockings
Taking Off My Stockings At work
Summer is usually bare legs season. I sometimes do have bare legs. In fact often I do. But I also cant wait 3 months to wear stockings, so I still wear them. lol.
Sometimes I will get too hot, or will get a lader in my stockings, in that case I need to change them. Sometimes take them off all together. What that happens, I always make sure that the men can see. No use striping of your stockings if there is no one to watch.
Long socks in the office
Long Skirt & Stockings
Well I thought I would take this opportunity of being alone in the office to wear something different than stockings. So here I am posing in my long black socks. You have to check out these adorible little panties I have on too!
Of course a girl cant always wear short skirts. But a girl must always wear stockings to work! Watch me pull up my long skirt to give you a flash of my stockings and panties.
Reading Lady Chatterley’s Lover
Grey suit and tanned stockings
Reading Reading Lady Chatterley’s Lover always gets me turned on. The mistress and the stable hand. Very hot. I love sitting down to read a good classic of an evening with a glass of bubbly or a glass of wine. But they always get me hot, so I end up having to
I always make sure that when as work I am bending over alot or opening my legs, so the guys can get a glimpse of my panties or stocking tops. I know the ladies hate it. But I am only a temp, so what do I care. I am not there to make friends.
Nurse striping after work
Black Stockings At Work
After a hard day at work. We all have to unwind somehow. I unwind usually by striping off down to my stockings and rolling around the house semi naked. I wonder how many of you wind down by watching me? LOL. A lot I hope
well I have to be the naughtiest secretary out there. All day I am flashing my stockings to the men in the office, pretending that I dont know I am doing it. LOL Sometimes I bet a look like the office slut. lol. In these pictures I am in my black suit with my very sexy black stockings on and white panties. Giving the guys a flash.
The milk maid
In the bath washing my panties
As well as stockings I just love all uniforms. (so dont forget to suggest any ;) ) In these pictures I am wearing a traditional milk maids dress with white socks and as you can see little white panties.
I often wash my stockings and panties in the bath, for real….. Because it saves me time washing. A girl can’t spend all her time at a washing machine. In these pictures you naughty boys get to see me in my bathroom ;)
Black Panties & Black Socks
Nurse in black stockings
OK for those of you who dont like white panties. I have done some pictures in black panties. I love black panties as they make your bum look smaller. lol But this set has some extra naughty shots as I have a quick play with myself ;)
Are you feeling ok? You dont need a nurse do you? OK then don’t look at these pictures. Because these are for sick men only. Nurse Sabrina is to the rescue with her sexy nurses uniform and black seemed stockings. Well intill I take them off anyway. lol
White Panties & White Socks
Maid Ironing
I do love white panties, and so do my members as they are always buying my used ones. LOL. So I thought I would get right down to it and pose for you in these white panties and white socks. Before I take them off ;)
Sometimes I will get too hot, or will get a lader in my stockings, in that case I need to change them. Sometimes take them off all together. What that happens, I always make sure that the men can see. No use striping of your stockings if there is no one to watch.
My Old school Uniform
White panty office upskirt
I wonder if I would have gone to an all girls school. Would I have turned out so naughty? Well not sure if I would or wouldnt, but I am glad I kept the uniform. I bet some of you are the naughty boys who were always looking up my skirt in class?
OK guys, what coloured stockings do we all like best? Black, coloured or tanned? Well what about panties. I think white. With white when you get an upskirt glimpse, you are in no doubt that you have seen some panties. With black, you might have seen more. Well not with me, as I have no hair down there
Washing My Clothes
Pencil skirt and white shirt
After a hard day at the office a girl needs to get cleaned. But more important than that, a girl needs to clean her clothes. The first thing I do when I get in is strip down and put my clothes in the washing machine. In these pictures you also get to see me take off my stockings and put them in the washing mashine too
I love pencil skirts. But this one I had to get off so you naughty boys could see my stockings, suspenders and white panties. Of course if you want I can get dressed again?
Doing The Ironing
Cleaning the kitchen
Pictures of me doing the ironing in my pink nighty and pink stockings. As I ben over you also get to see my pink panties. I really should start wearing more while doing the house work. Because the postman is always giving me funny looks.
Watch me give the kitchen a spring clean in my tanned stockings, traditional white suspender belt and white panties. You get to have a peek at my stocking tops and white panties as I reach for all the different nooks and crannies.
Up a ladder cleaning
Taking of my panties
Untill I find a rich man to support me, I must still do my own cleaning :( But I guess I can still make it a sexy experience. As long as a girl has stockings then she is always happy :) Plus I love the idea of being up a ladder and men looking up at my white panties.
Pictures of me on a hot day taking off my sweaty panties. I start off in my Long Socks & Short Skirt and change my cherry panties.
Cowgirl In The Barn
Cutting up my stockings
Even cow girls wear stockings. Well maybe not in the wild west, but here on my site they do
Normally I wouldnt do this. But I wanted to have some pictures looking like a tramp. So I took the scissors to this pair of stockings. It was a very nice sensation as the stockings ripped open.
Strict Bitch
Stripy Socks
Although I am submisive by nature, I have a strict side too. I like to keep the whip handy for when people have been naughty ;) I love corsets as well as stockings and they go so well together.
Pictures of me in what I wear when lounging around the house. I love frilly skirts and love my long socks. If I am with someone I have to be very descreet though as these frilly skirts tend to ride up a bit and you can get a glimpse of my panties
Spilling the contents of my hand bag
Long Dress
I am so clumsy and am always spilling the contents of my hand bag, which doesnt usually have much in, but spare stockings, spair panties and my mobile phone. But having your panties and stockings fall on the floor can be embarrasing. Especially if its in a busy train station and everyone is looking.
A girl can’t always wear a short dress, otherwise you might get a reputation ;) So I sometimes wear a long dress. But to prove that a I always wear stockings and never pantyhose I am going to show you what is under my skirt. Black stockings :)
Corset , stockings and see through panty’s
Secretary in french knickers takes off her stockings
These frilly panty’s are far to revealing, so don’t look at the close ups. You can watch me in my stockings and corset playing with myself as long as you promise not to look to closely. A girl has to keep some things hiden.
The office gets so hot sometimes, that I have to take my stockings off. Here I pull down my skirt quickly and remove my stockings before anyone comes in the room. I wouldn’t want anyone to catch me wearing nothing but these frilly French knickers and stockings
Posing in fur and stockings
Tied up wench
Sometimes I just like to sit about on pretty lingerie and stockings, but when it gets cold I like to throw a fur coat on to keep me warm. In these pictures I am wearing a fur coat over this bullet bra, french knickers, seemed fully fashioned stockings and black suspender belt. Plus a pretty pair of pink shoes.
My submissive side loves being tied up by a man. Wearing this wench uniform for a bit of extra role play really ads to the excitment of being dominated and tied up by a man wearing fully fashioned nylons and a black suspender belt.
Pillow fighting with a girlfriend
Blowing up balloons in French knickers
Watch me pillow fight with my new best girlfriend Shiva , from Shiva Shaw. We start of fighting then end up pulling each others clothes off. Though our stockings remain.
I love playing with balloons and blowing up balloons. Wearing these little French knickers and black fully fashioned stockings and black bra, I play with these balloons as well as blow them up. You can see my cuban heels close up as I lay on my back to show you the seems at the back of my stockings.
Secretary putting on her stockings
bondage in stockings
I love wearing short skirts to work, like this little grey skirt. But today I didn,t get time to put my stockings on before I left the house. So I had to put these stockings on in the office. But apart from my seemed stockings and suspender belt I have nothing else on under this skirt.
I love being restrained, especially if Im wearing some sexy lingerie and some stockings. The only problem is if you are restraining a woman while she is wearing nylons you have to be carefull as they easily snag and nice fully fashioned nylons like these are expensive
Blowing up balloons in long boots
Wench posing in her stockings
These metalic balloons look great with these fur lined leather knee length lace up boots. As I turn around you get a good look at my bottom through these lacey French panties and you can also see the tops of my fully fashioned stockings.
Watch me posing in my stockings. Do you like stocking wearing wenches who are ready to serve their master? If so you will likese these picrures as I put on a teasing show for you. Wearing these fully fashioned nylons, black suspender belt and little see through panties
Big silver ball
Spoilt bitch does the hoovering
Do you like watching girls bouncing up and down on inflatable balls? I have great fun bouncing up and down in my stockings and suspender belt. Plus with panties as thin as these I can feel the cold ball on my private parts
OK, Im not rich enough to have a house keeper yet. Maybe one day some rich sugar daddy will pay for one. “hint hint” But until then I will just have to do my own house work. But that doesnt meen letting my standards slip. I will still wear sexy fully fashioned stockings and nice lingerie.
Playing with myself wearing stockings and fur
Secretary slave working in stockings
Watch me masturbate just for you. Wearing black stockings and heels and black underwear.
Sometimes if the boss is naughty he might hand cuff me up. I still have to have enough mobility to carry on my work in the office. He usually insists that I take my short smart skirt off first. So he can get a good look at me in my stockings as I work.
Posing in my French knickers
Taking off my stockings
If you are not English you may not know what French Knickers are. French Knickers are a type of lingerie. The term is predominantly used in the UK to describe a type of underwear worn from the hip.
I like nothing more than putting on a new fresh pair of stockings. But after a hard day at it in the office, taking off stockings can be just as exciting, the relief as you pull those sexy stockings off over your toes and from your legs can be quite invigorating
Tied up with rope
Playing with myself in boots and a mac
I love being tied up. I love losing control and so someone can do what ever they want to me. I am tied up wearing a black corset, frilly black panties untill they are pulled down and tanned coloured fully fashioned stockings.
I love wearing a mac out, because no one can see what you are wearing underneath. All they can see is your legs poking down with stockings on. I love to wear my long cream lace up, knee length leather boots as they keep me dry in the rain and look fantastic with stockings.
Rich wife with a feather duster
Posing in my corset and stockings
OK I know I shouldnt be doing the cleaning, but I am yet to find a rich sugar dady “cough” “cough”. ;) but untill then you will have to watch me do the feather dusting. Wearing this very short grey skirt, black seemed nylons, and cream lingerie and my grey fur coat to keep me warm.
This is my new corset from What Katie Did. I would like to see what you think. I am wearing it with tanned stockings and a black garter belt. Plus a little pair of see through panties. The corset is Heavyweight satin with a modesty Panel.
See through french knickers
Taking off my stockings
Look at my see through Harlow French Knickers They are sheer French knickers cut to a 1940s pattern with press stud fastening to one side. The waist band is lightly elasticated at the back for fit and comfort. I am wearing them with these Harlow Deep Suspender Belt and Harlow Bullet Bra that I got from what katie did
Would you like to help me take off my fully fashioned stockings after I have had a hard day in the office, or shopping? lol. See me peel off my sweaty stockings and have a little play with them, getting my legs ready for a fresh pair
Playing with balloons in French knickers
Playing with balloons in stockings and boots
In the mid to late 1970s French Knickers, designed by Janet Reger and others, brought erotic and exotic style to lingerie. Of course major manufacturers through the 1980s to present day latched on to the trends.
As you know my first and main love is stockings, but I also love balloons, I love the rubbery feel as I stick my long finger nails in to them anticipating whether they will burst. I love to lick them and bite them too.
In the office blowing up balloons
Wench taking off her stockings
Every Friday it seems it is someone in the office birthday. Im sure its just an excuse for everyone to leave work early get drunk and have a quick grope before we all go home. Well this week is no different. So I thought I would blow up a few balloons for the party.
I love taking off my stockings and love the way the nylon feels on my legs as I roll down my nylons. Watch me taking off my stockings and playing with them. These are fully fashioned stockings with a cuban heel.
playing in my long stripy socks
Putting On My Stockings
Well a girl has to play. Nothing on my site is fake, if I am playing, then I am playing and in this set of pictures I am doing just that. Not wearing stockings, but long stripey socks and black panties that I remove
Pictures of me putting on my stockings. Tanned coloured and very traditional. You also get to see me putting on my traditional suspender belt
Milking maid with blue stockings
Cleaning The Kitchen
I just love this little costume of a milking maid. After the last set of pictures I did wearing it, where I was wearing white socks, I had loads of you asking me to wear it, but with stockings. It took a while to find a pair that matched it. But I did in the end.
when I am at home I always like to still stay feeling sexy, what ever I am doing. Although stockings are my favourite, there is something sexy about long white socks. Watch me washing up in this ulra short tartan skirt, white socks and white panties.
Want to be my horse?
putting on my stockings on the train
Well a girl needs to ride sometimes. After a good hard ride, I come home and drink a glass of wine. Usually I only drink champaigne, as cheap drinks go to my head. But sometimes I drink a nice glass of wine. In these very naughty pictures I am in my jodhpurs with my riding crop. Then I get out of my riding clothes just for you under my skirt. Black stockings :)
When a girl is late home from work, she sometimes doesnt have time to put on her stockings and has to finish getting dressed while on the move. I cant remember, well have lost count on the amount of times I have hitched up my skirt and put my stockings on while on the train or the tube.
Fur Coat & Stockings
Cleaning In Black Stockings
Pictures of me with the rich bitch look. lol. I am wearing a short skirt with tanned stockings and a traditional metal claspe suspender belt. Just sitting around doing what I love best, flashing my stockings. These panties are a bit revealing though
Here I am cleaning again. All I seem to do is clean. lol. As usual I am in stockings, so it is still nice. These are a nice pair of black stockings I am wearing with traditional metal clips and a short grey skirt. and black panties
Black Hold Ups
Short Tartan Upskirt
These are the naughtiest pics yet. I finally get my panties off. lol. Not that I would let any off you naughty boys see me like that. So I have covered myself up. ;) But you do get to see me nearly as I am wearing my black hold ups and black nighty
I love this little tartan skirt. It looks great with naked legs, or great with hold ups. It is a little to short though to wear with stockings. But I am sure you will like it with my tanned hold ups. You can see the stocking tops and my panties
playing with an umbrella
Flashing my white panties
See if you can get a glimpse of my naughty areas in these pictures. Here I am with two umbrellas to cover myself up as I play with myself. Wearing black seemed stockings. You might even get to see up my black skirt.
I think the reason I am a temp secretary is so I can wear stockings to work and flash the men, as many men as possible. lol. Check out me in this short skirt at the desk, with white stockings and white panties flashing
White Panties & White Hold Ups
stocking slave outside
Here I am in my fur coat, wearing nothing but white hold ups and white panties. You can almost see how excited I am in these sultry looking pictures.
As you know, Im very submisive in the bedroom. I have always liked they idea of being someones sex slave. But that person would have to love stockings, or I would have to escape, lol. Here I am wearing some sexy black stockings all tied up. I of course can do nothing when the photgrapher pulls my knickers down a bit.
White Panties & Hold Ups
The spy who loved me
A girl cant wear stockings all the time. Although I hardly ever wear pantyhose, I do sometimes wear hold ups, both to work and at home. These lacey hold ups look great with this frilly dress. You also get to see my white panties too.
James bond….mmmmm Pierce Brosnan is the sexiest bond ever. I wonder if I could seduce him in my Russian army uniform?
Pink Stockings & Panties
punky chick with pink stockings
I love pink, although I mainly wear traditional stockings, I also like a change, so often wear nice pink stockings. I find they go well with a short white skirt. In these pictures Im also wearing pink panties that I flash at you.
I dont do porn as you guys know, but I can be very slutty and can dress very slutty when going out. Can you imagine catching me me up a dark back Alley playing with myself wearing this little number?
Short Grey Skirt
Pink Stocking Upskirt
A picture set, with my in my favourite short skirt. Can you believe I sometimes go out in this skirt? Not usually in stockings though, as I dont want to look like a hooker. LOL. Some great upskirt pictures here too.
Picture set featuring me in a black frilly short dress, pink modern stockings and matching bra. There are some great shots of me bending over too
Changing my panties in the office
Secretary striping down to her stockings
I always like to have a spare pair of panties with me when I am at work, just like I like to have spare stockings. A girl likes to stay fresh. Sometimes I do change them in the office at my desk, if there is only one or two men around and it is my last day at that temping job.
Watch me strip down in the office to nothing but my undies. I love traditional colours and thats what I usually wear to work. But I also like to give the guys a look at some different colours. To brighten up their day
Taking off my dress
Pink stockings and a red flower
I love summer dresses, especially long flowing ones. They are great when the wind blows them up, when you are walking down the high street and every gets to see your stocking tops and panties
When a man sends you nice flowers, you should always repay him by posing with the flower in stockings and suspeners :) Thats what I think anyway. Here I am with some pink stockings, pink panties and purple traditional stockings.
Black Stockings & Pink Shoes
Lying with black stockings and panties
What girl doesnt like shoes? I love shoes and shoe shopping is my favourite hobby. Shopping infact is my only hobby! But shopping for shoes is as good as it gets for me. Let me show you my latest shoes, with of course my black sexy stockings and black suspender belt. Are my panties a little to revealing? I think they are.
look at these shoes! Are they not just the cuitest shoes you have ever seen? Oi, I said look at the shoes, not my stockings you naughty boys! Well they do look nice together so I guess I will let you off, this time ;) Again those panties do look a little to see through. I will have to remember that next time.
Wench playing with herself
Rich bitch puts on her stockings
watch me as a peasent girl realeving myself thinking about the master of the house having his wicked way with me in the bard. Of course wenches and peasent girls didnt wear fully fashioned stockings and a suspender belt like me. They probably also didnt wear see through panties like me either.
OI girl needs to get her best clothes on if she is to be going shopping or going to lunch with her girl friends. Or occaisionally a gentleman. But its cold out so I will have to wrap up in my fur coat and black fully fashioned stockings. Though I am not sure wether to wear boots or shoes yet.
Blowing up balloons in stockings in fur
Little Mandarin Dress and stockings
Watch me blow up balloons wearing nothing but lingerie and stockings and my grey fur coat. These French knickers are a little bit to see through, so make sure you don’t stare because as you know, it’s rude to stare.
I love dressing up, in anything exciting. I love these little dresses that the cute waitressses wear at the chinese resturants. So I decided to get one and add my own touch. Which happens of course to be some stockings and suspenders.
Air Hostess takes my stockings off
Reading Lady Chatterley’s Lover
TAfter a hard sweaty day flying, its always a relief to take off your stockings. As I take off my stockings you get some great upskirt shots of my white panties and you can see me handles and play with these tanned stockings with black seem and reinforced heel and toe
Reading Reading Lady Chatterley’s Lover always gets me turned on. The mistress and the stable hand. Very hot. I love sitting down to read a good classic of an evening with a glass of bubbly or a glass of wine. But they always get me hot, so I end up having to
Putting on my stockings
My tartan skirt caught in the hoover
watch me finger these fully fashioned stockings as I put them on. You can see my fingers run down the full length of the seem and open up the reinforced toe and cuban heel and I then slide the silky stockings up my shaven leg.
My tartan skirt kept getting caught in the hoover after I was cleaning up a little party I was had. You can see my white panties as the skirt gets sucked up into the hoover. I have also made a movie at the same time, so you get to see my panties twice, you naughty boy!
Changing my panties using balloons
Removing my white panties and playing
After blowing up lots of balloons in this fur coat and black stockings, I get all hot and my panties get all wet, so I change them. But I only had the balloons to cover myself up with so you couldnt see to much. After I put on my French knickers I pose for you with the balloons.
Removing my white panties and playing with myself, of course a classy lady like me always gets dressed up. But on this occaision I was out with an older gentleman friend for dinner, he spent the whole evening trying to look up my skirt at my panties and stocking tops.
Lick My Dirty Boots and Sniff My Panties
Playing with myself in boots and stockings
Lick My Dirty Boots and Sniff My Panties. I have been out all night partying and my boots are all dirty and my panties as well as being wet, have been on all night and so if you want you can sniff them. But you must clean my boots first with your tongue. Make sure you clean the toes and the heel.
As you know I love stockings, but I also have a love for boots, especially knee length leather boots. These white knee length boots I am wearing with these see through lace panties and stockings have got me all excited and so I relieve myself in my bedroom.
Sucking my bare toes
Sloan bursts balloons in stockings
You know my love of sexy stockings, but I imagine you like to see a ladies feet as well? Well if you dont then take a good look at my panties as I suck my own toes clean. This little short tartan skirt is very revealing and you can have a good look at my panties.
Imagine if you annoyed me one day, maybe you forgot to by me a nice present for my birthday, well this is what I would do to your testicles, I would dig my nails in so hard that you yelped. Watch me bursting balloons with my nails and watch me sitting on them to burst them
Playing in stockings and pantyhose
White boots
In this explicit set I am in the office wearing stockings and pantyhose, but as I am wearing no panties I get very hot and very moist so I decide to relieve myself at my desk. I rub myself through my pantyhose and inside my pantyhose.
See me in my white leather over the knee lace up boots and a pair of French knickers that have suspender straps that attatch these fully fashioned stockings.
Drunk and flashing my black panties
Slutty posh girl takes down her panties
Even though it is just tease. You also get to see my favourite Jimmy Choo high heel shoes! I do look a little drunk in some of the pictures and obviously not at my best. So forgive me! I just thought you might like to see some Holiday snaps and of course my panties.
Well even the nicest girls can sometimes be naughty and today Ifeel like being very naughty for you, watch me drop my panties for you. But of course dont look to close, I wouldn,t want you getting the wrong impression
Caged in a balloon cage with no panties
Playing with my stockings in balloons
Lucky for me there was at least a few balloons in this cage, because with no panties on this could have been a very naughty set indeed. In fact it turned out a lot naughtier than I was expecting anyway. If you like to see girls locked up in a cage wearing nothing but stockings and high heels, then you will like this set as much as I liked it
Well this caged beast certainly has got all excited, playing in a cage full of balloons, wearing nothing but my stockings and lingerie. I ride these balloons as I play with myself, rubbing my silky stockings over the inflatable balloons, which feel all rubbery against my legs and pussy.
Secretary hoovering up the office
Caged Panty Slave
Not only do I hoover up the office, I also manage to hoover up my skirt. Giving you a naughty look up my skirt at my suspender belt, stockings and see through French panties. You get some shots of me when I am bending over hoovering under the desk. So cover your eyes.
Well my master who keeps me in this cage, likes to watch me smell and play with my panties, which of course makes me and them even more moist, making me pull the panties up and into my wet crouch. After playing with my panties for his amusement he makes me take them off and smell and taste them.
Taking of my stockings and flashing
Secretary in pencil skirt removes her stockings
I really think white panties are the best colour when you are flashing men, because when you see a pair of white panties up a skirt, even if it is only for a brief moment you definitely know you have seen some panties, where as black panties isn’t quite the same.
I hate getting ladders in my stockings. Even if you can’t see them because I am wearing a long pencil skirt and black leather knee length boots. When I ladder my stockings I have to take them off, like in these naughty pictures.
Secretary in black boots on the phone
Lick my stockings bitch
This set of pictures of me in the office wearing a long black skirt with a split up the front gets very naughty. Because I am on the phone to a collegue when he starts talking all dirty to me. Underneath my black pencil skirt I am wearing nothing but these stockings and no panties at all.
I love uniforms. I love looking like a scrict bitch. In this set I shot with Shiva from Shiva Shaw, the busty Indian Shiva has nice big boobies and like me loves stockings and likes licking my stockings and feet. Here I am in my German officers uniform.
Getting ready to go out
Blowing Up Balloons
I am getting ready to go out for the evening in my hotel room in London. I am going to Madame Jo Jo’s in Soho, which has a caberet. The Kitsch Cabaret is an evening of feathers, glitz and dazzling live music every Saturday right in the heart of London’s Soho
Watch me blow up more ballons wearing nothing but seemed stockings and a white garter belt and high heel pointy shoes. These pics were shot for looners which is a site for men who like balloons. But I add my own twist and love of nylons.
Posing in my mac and boots
Take a look at my feet
See me in my rainy day clothes. A cream rain mac, knee length cream leather lace up boots (fur lined) and of course I wouldn’t be complete with out these sexy fully fashioned stockings that are attached by straps to these Lacy see through panties. You almost get a flash of my boobies too.
Do you like ladies feet? What about a ladies toes? I bet you love feet. If you are very nice to me, I may let you suck my feet and toes. Would you like that? I bet you would. Now the question is. Would you prefer to suck my toes and feet while I am wearing stockings?
Caged with no panties
Wench playing with balloons
TI know you like panties, but I bet you sometimes wonder what is under my panties don’t you. Do you want to know if my tight moist pussy is shaven or hairy? Well today you may if you look very carefully a glimpse of my pussy and tell for yourself.I have been chained up in a cage, like a slutty sex slave
In this set I am dressed as a wench and playing with these balloons I have blown up. This set is a little naughtier than I planned and these little white panties were see through. But the panties look great with these tanned coloured fully fashioned stockings
Want to be my horse?
Taking off my stockings
Well a girl needs to ride sometimes. After a good hard ride, I come home and drink a glass of wine. Usually I only drink champaigne, as cheap drinks go to my head. But sometimes I drink a nice glass of wine. In these very naughty pictures I am in my jodhpurs with my riding crop.
After a hard days shopping a girl needs to change her stockings. I love the feeling of taking off stockings and playing with them. In this set I am wearing a very short grey skirt and French knickers, as well as a black garter belt and black stockings.
Flashing my panties in the garden
Blowing up balloons in my corset
In these pictures I do a little more than flash my panties in the garden. Of course that should be enough for you. You should be more than happy that I let you look up my skirt at my panties and stocking tops. Especially such nice panties and fully fashioned stockins as I am wearing for you today.
What I like about corsets is they bring your waist in. While I am wearing this black boned corset I am blowing up these various coloured balloons and so you can see my chest heave in and out, but my waiste stays the same. So I don’t look to fat l
Secretary masturbates on the floor
Army uniform and stockings bitch
I have been flashing my panties all day and am really hot and moist, so I pull up my little grey short skirt and pull down my lacey black panties, run my fingers between my panties and my suspender belt and run myself untill I come. Lets hope no one walks in the office.
Look at me here wearing my very sexy German officers uniform. I have on a real German officers jacket and feel very powerful and full of authority. I love uniforms and this has to be one of my absolute favourites. I am also wearing some sexy black stockings and asatin suspender belt with metal clasps
Playing with balloons
Ritch bitch wants to flog a slave
Watch me playing with these large sexy balloons on my bed. As you know I love stockings, but I also like balloons, especially sitting on them in my stockings and my frilly panties and standing on them with my high heels untill they burst.
I need a slave. To do the house work and clean my shoes and wash my stockings. But if you want the job then be prepared to be flogged if you don’t work hard enough. But before I flog you I will rub this flogger on myself.
Rich wife with a feather duster
Putting on my stockings
OK I know I shouldnt be doing the cleaning, but I am yet to find a rich sugar dady “cough” “cough”. ;) but untill then you will have to watch me do the feather dusting. Wearing this very short grey skirt, black seemed nylons, and cream lingerie and my grey fur coat to keep me warm.
This is my new corset from What Katie Did. I would like to see what you think. I am wearing it with tanned stockings and a black garter belt. Plus a little pair of see through panties. The corset is Heavyweight satin with a modesty Panel.
Boots and stockings
Pencil skirt and 12 strap suspender belt
I am wearing nothing but these tanned stockings with a black top and black seem and some brown knee length boots. It was a nice little hotel and I went for a small break
I love pulling up a pencil skirt to reveal something a bit special underneath. LOL ok, not that. But this twelve strap suspender belt and these fully fashioned stockings attached to it with twelve metal clasps
Blowing up balloons on french knickers
Stockings wearing French Knickers
These see through black french knickers look great with this purple suspender belt. watch me in the office blowing up balloons, wearing these boots and fully fashioned stockings.
I have a new pair of fully fashioned stockings arrive from Stockings HQ and they are so silky and sexy that I have decided to put them on straight away. I love putting my hands down inside my stockings, being carefull not to snag them, the sexy nylon feels great against my hand and then when I put them on